How to Operate and Clean Crusher/Destemmers

Operating and Cleaning Crusher/Destemmers

  • If you have the motorized crusher/destemmer, be sure you have a good extension cord – some can
    short out and the crusher will not work. A heavy-gauge (14 gauge or thicker) commercial-quality
    extension cord is best.
  • Be sure to put a container under the shoot to catch your crushed grapes before you start crushing
  • You will also probably want a bin or trash can under the side of the crusher where the stems come out
  • Do NOT put hands in top with turning paddles and crusher rollers, or up into shoot from bottom – the
    machine can rip a finger off fairly easily!
  • Load grapes into top hopper slowly, watch output bin that it does not overflow
  • Clean machine thoroughly before returning:
    o Unplug the motorized crusher/destemmer before most cleaning
    o Hose down from top and bottom; you can turn the crusher upside-down to spray from bottom
    o It will be much easier to clean inside of the crusher if you remove the inner barrel; this can be
    pulled out the front after removing the cover at the end where the stems come out (see picture
    o You can reassemble crusher/destemmer after washing as described above, plug in if motorized
    or turn if manual, and hose off crusher rollers while running. This gets little bits that are stuck
    inside out. Do be careful not to spray the motor!