How to Operate a Basket Press

How to operate Basket Press

  1. Be sure basket is securely together – all pins in both sides
  2. Put receiving vessel under spout before filling basket
  3. Fill basket with must until level is at top band, about 2/3 full – do not overfill!
  4. Put followers on top of must in basket
  5. Place blocks crosswise over followers, then stacking 2-3 levels high before
    spinning down ratchet head (Figure 1)
  6. Be sure basket is wrapped to avoid spewing wine
  7. Spin or ratchet down screw to press wine; handle can be put on after spinning
    ratchet head down until touching top blocks
  8. Put keys (trapezoid shaped metal pieces) in top; they should be facing opposite of each other (see
    figure 2, look carefully where arrows are pointing). If you start
    ratcheting and it is going the wrong direction, turn BOTH pins around
  9. Ratchet down with back-and-forth motion until you just can’t press; do
    not press to hard or you will get bitter flavors and potentially damage
    the press
  10. Reverse ratchet or unscrew and remove blocks and followers
  11. Use large fork to break up pomace cake in basket
  12. Repeat pressing procedure, be sure not to over press and extract bitterness from seeds. Taste pressed
    wine in second press as you keep adding pressure, stop pressing if wine gets too bitter or harsh
  13. Reverse ratchet or unscrew and remove blocks and followers
  14. Take pins off of sides of basket and remove outer basket
  15. Pull pressed pomace off of press center
  16. Put back together for another press, or clean all parts with water then spray with sanitizer